Why You Should Always Print Your Boarding Pass

When in doubt, print it out.

Printing your boarding pass can be a savvy travel decision, offering both convenience and peace of mind. Here are compelling reasons why you should always opt to have a physical copy in hand:


1. **Reliability Amidst Technology Glitches:**

In an age of digital reliance, technology glitches are inevitable. Having a printed boarding pass ensures you won’t be left stranded in case your smartphone or airline app encounters unexpected issues.

2. **Avoiding Battery Woes:**

Traveling often means relying on devices for various purposes. Printing your boarding pass eliminates concerns about your phone or tablet running out of battery before you board, especially during long journeys.

3. **Streamlining Security Checks:**

At security checkpoints, a printed boarding pass can expedite the process. Some airports and security personnel may prefer or be more accustomed to handling physical documents, reducing the likelihood of delays.

4. **Backup in Case of Lost Devices:**

Misplacing or losing electronic devices can be a traveler’s nightmare. With a printed boarding pass tucked away safely, you have a reliable backup if your digital devices go missing.

5. **Memory Aid for Important Details:**

Having a physical boarding pass allows you to easily reference crucial information such as gate numbers, boarding times, and seat assignments without navigating through your phone or app.

6. **Collecting Loyalty Points and Miles:**

Some travelers prefer collecting physical boarding passes as souvenirs or for tracking loyalty points and miles. Tangible proof of your journey can become a cherished keepsake.

7. **Peace of Mind for Last-Minute Changes:**

Travel plans can change unexpectedly. With a printed boarding pass, you’re better equipped to adapt to last-minute alterations without worrying about digital connectivity or access.

8. **Convenience for Group Travel:**

When traveling with a group, distributing physical boarding passes can be more straightforward than coordinating digital sharing. It ensures everyone has their necessary documents at hand.

9. **Accessibility for Elderly Travelers:**

Older individuals may be more comfortable and familiar with physical documents. Printing boarding passes caters to a diverse range of passengers, ensuring accessibility for all.

10. **Keepsake for Milestone Journeys:**

For special trips or milestone journeys, having a printed boarding pass can serve as a tangible memento, a physical reminder of the adventure and experiences encountered.

In the dynamic world of travel, where digital innovations continue to reshape the landscape, the simplicity and reliability of a printed boarding pass remain a timeless choice. So, when in doubt, take a moment to print it out and travel with confidence.


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